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Arm your people with the knowledge they need to work safely and productively.

Through a fun and interactive 50 minute online session the Limber Level One Ergonomics Certification equips your computer based people with the knowledge they need to avoid key hazards and risks of working from a computer and set their workstation up perfectly for their body, no matter where they work.


Meet health & safety obligations

We provide you with a board document which outlines the certification and lists the staff who have achieved it. This provides evidence that your directors have exercised due diligence in meeting their health and safety obligations.

By the end of the live online 50 minute certification your people will have;

Undergone a home workstation assessment

Attendees will assess their workstation to get a baseline before we give them new knowledge and begin to make improvements.

Made immediate improvements to their workspace

By understanding workstation best practices and having assessed their own workstation, your team then have time for making immeidate improvements to their workstation.

An understanding of the basic risks and hazards associated with working from a computer, aligned with ACC guidelines. 

We cover the core risks and hazards associated to working from a computer as outlined by ACC. We also provide your people with the basic knowledge required to avoid or reduce these risks and hazards.

Created an action plan for further longer term improvements

Some changes will take time and planning. Each team member creates an action plan for further improvements they can make and what they need to take this action.

Access to our “5 physio steps to set up your home office” ebook and work from home checklist.

Which you can add to your process and onboarding documents.

Been tested to ensure they understand the basics of computer workstation ergonomics and working healthy at home. 

Our certification pass rate is 80%. We only charge you for the number of staff who have been certified.

Learned one stretch that has been shown to dramatically reduce back pain risk and disability.

Low back pain is the number one cause of lost workplace productivity, early retirement, income poverty and disability (globally). This one stretch has been shown to almost halve incidence of back pain and more than halve disability related to back pain.

Make workstation assessment redundant

Most workstation assessments cost $250 per person and don't teach anything. For just $99 per person your staff will learn the fundamentals of workstation setup and be certified in level one ergonomics.

Empowering them with the skills and knowledge to work safely and productively from a computer at home or in the office.

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars

"Well paced and friendly, blameless approach. Interactive."

"Practical tips, concise info"

"It was relaxed, friendly and informative"


Bart de Vries

Physiotherapist, Edmund Hillary Fellow and ergonomics pioneer. Bart's knowledge of ergonomics, human health and workspace design lead him to create what UC Berkeley professors call the world's healthiest desks. His work is inspiring a new frontier of research in ergonomics and ways of working to improve people's health, productivity and reduce back pain (currently the #1 cause of lost workplace productivity).

How it works

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Complete Live Online Certification

Our Physiotherapist takes your team through the fun and engaging certifcation process as a group live online.

Receive Certificates & Board Report

Your team is certified and receives their certificates. Your board receives the board paper as evidence of due diligence.

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