5 reasons world leading professors call Limber Desks "the world's healthiest desks".

People all over Australia and New Zealand are ditching the dining table for these physio designed desks to unlock more movement and energy at work. Here's the 5 reasons UC Berkeley professors call Limber desks "the world's healthiest desks".

1. Full range of motion

Limber desks are the only desks in the world that allow for full standing to floor sitting range of motion. This in turn allows for Active Resting Postures and a lot more postural diversity in each day (10+ options).

2. Active Resting Postures

‘Active Resting Postures’ increase activity in the big muscles of our legs keeping our metabolism processing fats and our nervous system up-regulated. Standing, floor sitting, kneeling and squatting are some great examples.

3. Speed of movement

The speed a desk changes height effects how often we will move. The longer it takes the more it interupts our flow so the less likely we are to move. Limber desks are 7x faster than electric desks (2 seconds vs ~15 seconds) so you can move without thinking about it.

More movement means a happier body & more blood flow to your brain.

4. Adjustable to suit your body, exactly.

Every body is different, so every desk should be too. Limber desks make it easy to set up the desktop and monitor height to suit your body perfectly, plus it is all included so no extra thinking or purchasing.

5. Learn to move confidently

All Limber desks come with a physio led course to take you through the active resting postures availabele to you at your new desk and provide tips to avoid back pain.

3 bonus reasons people love buying Limber desks.

1. Ethical & sustainable

Made to last in Aotearoa New Zealand from sustainably forested Birch wood. Trees just like these ones in the picture.

2. Lifetime guarantee

The Limber Mini and Limber Stool come with a lifetime gaurantee. If something goes wrong we will fix it or replace it. The course has a 100% satisfaction gurantee or your money back!

3. Trial for 100 days

Work from your Limber Mini for 100 days and if you are not loving it then return it for free and a full refund.

Hear from other movers

Enjoying the freedom of movement this desk gives

Really enjoying the linear Limber desk so far. I like that I can work from the floor, yet move to standing and sitting in a chair really easily. Took a little fiddling with weights to get the counter balance right so I can manoeuvre the desk height, but once I had it sorted it was super smooth and easy to adjust. Thanks for designing such a beautiful and lovely to use desk!

- Lynette

One of my all time favourite purchases!

I absolutely LOVE my Limber desk!! It's honestly one of my all time favourite purchases ever. I would highly recommend a Limber to anyone who wants to optimise their productivity and invest in their health. The ability to stand, sit ergonomically (at any height) and even sit on the floor, all with a mounted monitor is so unique and has completely changed the way I work. To top it off, the build quality is excellent too! Absolutely worth investing in a Limber.

- Michael W

Undeniable Results

I started a computer-based job working from home 2 years ago. Within one year I started experiencing frequent headaches and constant lower back pain.

A year ago, I came across the Limber website but continued umming and ahhing about whether to get one. Finally, I purchased one as an early Xmas present for myself. That's the end of the history lesson - the results were immediate and undeniable.

I haven't noticed back pain or headaches for almost two months. I am engaged in my work for much longer periods of time as I am physically more comfortable and I have the opportunity to constantly move, without getting up and becoming distracted by my home environment. I enjoy intuitively stretching at the desk without even thinking about it.

The customer service is second to none. It is rare to receive a quality product matched with such quality customer care these days.

After almost two months of working at a limber mini desk, I now recoil when I'm required to work from traditional desks when I'm away from home. It's worth every penny and the only regret I could have is not purchasing one sooner.

Lastly, I never leave reviews for anything, but I'm so genuinely impressed by this product and the company that I'd love to support them and all the potential customers who will benefit from their products and service.

Great Job, Limber Team!

- Kye R

Love the Limber beyond words

We were very early adopters of the amazing Limber desks, my husband and I each buying one as a surprise Xmas gift to each other. We actually have 3 now as well as the mini limber desk and I love how easy they are to use and go through the range of motions from standing to kneeling to sitting on the floor. The screen height is always perfect for my posture and I regularly move the whole desk easily to get natural light from the window on a call or simply to change things up. Highly recommend!

- Natalie S

A game changer!

After my body had been complaining for a few years, I bit the bullet and invested in the full monty, Limber desk. I've never looked back, and my body has thanked me for it!

The experience of unpacking and assembling was a real delight, watching the video (perfectly paced) and following along.

Thank you for all the work that went into the design and production, so I and others could benefit from these limber desks!

- James S

They really are one of a kind!

Arrive in Ireland and in perfect condition, thank you. It's a very elegant design you have for this desk and it's a joy to be able to work directly from the ground when I do not require the use of a dual monitor setup.

I am hoping in the future I will be able to afford the larger desk model with associated shipping costs and VAT so I can work in this way full time. I'm confident you will be hearing from me in the future to make that order!

- Michael M

Loving my mini

I'm loving the desk and stool so far. I have an ordinary desk, too. I've set up my laptop on the Limber, and go back and forth between chair sitting and floor sitting. Not only is it nice on my hips and legs, it helps keep me engaged in my work. Thanks!

- Daniel T

I have 2!!

I love my Limber Linear and Petal. The petal is a bit smaller than the Linear and is perfect for my home office. I have the larger Limber Linear in my work office which is great for those extra bits and pieces that I need at work. I love the flexibility in movement that my Limber desks offer from floor to standing and I can move the desk around easily on its wheels to get it in the best position.

- Lena R

Changed everything

Working from home is great, but I'm sure we are not the only household with 2 work from homers and one office space! Limber mini is the perfect dining room table solution - up and down in seconds - limitlessly adjustable, and makes virtual meetings a lot more fun. Thanks Bart and the team for your continuous innovation and boundless commitment to healthier human workspaces! - Susan B

5 stars

I love it and use it everyday. Very functional, multipurpose and beautiful to have in my space. Many people who visit my home comment “Ooh I love your desk” . Highly recommend just making the investment. You won’t regret it. - Carl M

Love my limber

Love my limber petal. I work from home and present a lot of online workshops and it's been such a game changer in terms of its versatility. I love that I can wheel it round the house to different rooms and also that goes down to the ground so I can sit on my bolster and lead an online meditation. It also prompts me to move more. My husband admired my limber so much he got fomo and bought one too.

- Lotte R