Limber Petal Desk + Posture Course

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Called "the world's healthiest desk" by professors at UC Berkeley. The unique full floor to standing desk that changes height fast and is packed with ergonmic design features and made from sustainably forested wood.
Should I get Integrated Power?

We highly recomend this. We pass the Integrated power + cabling on at cost price because with them it provides the ultimate Limber experience. It includes a 2 meter power starter lead with surge protection, 4 point power block and custom bracket to fit into your Limber Petal and meets commercial wiring standards. 

Do I need a stool?

The Limber Stool makes floor postures more comfortable by taking pressure off your back, knees & ankles. Perfect if you have tight hips and currently find floor postures difficult.


- 3x heights to suit your body.

- Weight tolerance 150kg.

- Forward tilt to take pressure off your lower back.

- Made in NZ from sustainably forested wood

- Comes with Lifetime Warranty

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