Friends & Family Limber Mini - Factory Second Sale (NZ only)

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Brand new Limber Mini that has a small scratch, dent or wood imperfection that has been noticed after manufactruing, often not noticeable to the untrained eye but noticeable for us so we keep them aside for moments like this. Comes with free Bird Headphone Hanger.
Factory Seconds?

A Limber Mini - Factory Second is a brand new, fully functional Limber Mini that has a blemish, small scratch or dent in it that got picked up during production. This means it doesn't live up to our usual quality standards and we don't want to sell it as new.

We only have 2 Factory seconds available so get in quick before they're gone!

Want to add the stool?

Add a Limber Stool and use promo code "Second&Stool" at checkout to get 25% off your stool purchase as well.

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