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Super comfortable and unique ergonomic floor sitting stool, effortlessly assembled and adjusted to suit your body. Made with love from sustainably forested wood.

How does it work?

The Limber Stool makes floor postures more comfortable by taking pressure off your back, knees & ankles. Perfect if you have tight hips and currently find floor postures difficult.


- 3x heights to suit your body.

- Weight tolerance 150kg.

- Forward tilt to take pressure off your lower back.

- Made in NZ from sustainably forested wood

- Comes with Lifetime Warranty

What our customers say

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"I really love my limber stool!"

I really love my limber stool! I no longer get pins and needles from sitting cross legged meditating or pain from kneeling because the stool supports my weight.

- Yewi

"My constant companion"

Ah the stool. My constant companion. Working using the stool on the floor helps my thought patterns and ability to concentrate. I love it and miss it when it’s not there.

- Kate Hall, Sustainability Advisor

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