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Set your body up for more energy and less pain at work.

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Mini Limber Desk (Australia Special)

Take this opportunity to get setup for the new financial year of work with a huge 40% off (that's $220) the world renowned Limber Mini Desk. 

4.9 star rating and designed by a physiotherapist, the Limber Mini is an ergonomically crafted floor-to-standing desk made to maximise your movement, comfort and focus at work. This desk comes with a physio led course to help you move more and avoid neck and back pain. Made from sustainably forested wood, it is easily assembled and height adjusted in 30 seconds with no tools.

100 day trial free returns (and lifetime warranty). You also get a cute bird headphone hanger included as well. 

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1. Increase energy & reduce pain

Stand, sit or kneel

Place your physio designed Mini on a table to have a standing desk. Place on the floor to kneel, squat, or sit cross legged (10+ 'active resting' postures).

Comes with physio instructed move more at work course included (usually $200).

More movement means less back and neck pain, more energy and focus.

2. Adjustable

Made to fit your body perfectly

Avoid a sore neck, low back, shoulders and wrists by easily tilting the platforms and slide to the perfect height for your eyes and hands.

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The best posture is the next posture

More movement means a happier body & more blood flow to your brain, joints and muscles. Reducing pain and boosting productivity (by up to 40%).

Assembling and then storing the Limber desk

3. Fast assembly, easy storage

Assembles in 30 seconds

30 seconds to effortlessly set up or pack down. Have your ergonomic Limber Mini desk when you need it and hidden away when you don't.

Birch trees

4. Sustainable & Ethical

Lifetime Guarantee!

Made to last from sustainably forested Birch wood. Trees just like these ones in the picture. And, if it breaks we will repair or replace it.

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5. More than a desk

Comes with physio instructed course & bird headphone hanger.

Get a physio instructed posture and movement course. Just add the 'working from the floor' course to your order and receive it for free at the checkout. Your headphone hanger is included in desk package.


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