"Resolved my aches & pains"

My Limber Mini has been the best purchase. It has resolved my aches and pains and it is a beautiful piece of furniture that we are proud to have in the house.Bernadette Casey - Co-Founder at Usedfully


I can honestly say that my energy and input has never been higher, and couldn’t recommend Limber any more. Transformational!

David Schoemack - CEO of Good Nature

"I love it!"

My Mini has me moving a lot more, feeling pain-free and more mobile through my hips. I love it!

Carl Hammington - Academic Director, HealthFit Collective

"My Limber Mini is awesome!"

My Limber Mini is awesome! The options of postures in both sitting and standing positions are seemingly endless.

Chris Edivy-James - Founder, Reverie Video Agency

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When will I get my Limber Mini?

When will I get my Limber Mini?

Mini's are on the boat on their way to Australia now from New Zealand. We expect to be delivering them to you mid September.

How quick is it to set up?

It takes less than 30 seconds and there are no tools or equipment needed. It is super easy!

Can I put a screen on the top level?

Yes, you totally can. We have people using them with screens and loving it. Check out the testimonials here and see the photo of Bernadette with her screen on it.

What does "lifetime warranty" mean?

If it breaks we will fix it or replace it. This doesn’t include scratching or damage due to inappropriate use. You can view the full and friendly warranty here.

How sustainable is my Limber Mini?

Your Limber Mini is made from FSC certified (sustainably forested) birch wood, designed to last (to become an heirloom), made in New Zealand and we are a certified social enterprise through Akina. Sustainability is really important to us and we are doing well, but on a path to get even better.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. If you're in Australia you can buy through the website. If you are outside of New Zealand & Australia please email us your address and we will arrange delivery.

How big is the Limber Mini? (footprint & weight)

The Mini is 900mm wide (widest platform) and 750mm high. Total depth from the front of the base to the furthest back point (the top of the trunk) is 600mm. The Limber Mini weighs 11kg.