Welcome to your Limber assembly

Start at the top and work your way down. There are 4 assembly videos, then extras on ergonomics, screen setup and more! Assembling takes between 35 and 55 minutes with a break for delicious treats along the way, take your time.

Use the chat to get in touch with us if you have any questions or suggestions along the way.

Historical side story - We made these videos in the midst of the first lockdown, 24 hours before customers were set to recieve our first batch of Limbers. What a moment in time that first lockdown was for everyone!


Limber Assembly Overview

1. Unboxing Your Limber Desk

Discovering all of the pieces that you need to build your Limber Desk

2. Connecting Limber Base with Trunk

Bringing the base together with the trunk.

3. Limber Desktop Assembly

Putting together the desktop.

4. Limber Desktop on Trunk

Bringing the desktop and trunk together to form your Limber desk and experience the magical lift for the first time!

Single Monitor Mounting

Do you have a single monitor?
Yes = Watch this video
No = There is a double monitor video next.

Double Monitor Mounting

How to attach double monitors to your Limber Desk.

How To Change Height

You've got your desk set up! Now let's get it moving.

Practice moving it up and down 5x at the start of each day for the first week to really get the hang of it and make it second nature.

Ergonomics 101

Setting up your Limber perfectly for your body.

A Tour of your Limber workspace

Get to know all of the features designed into your desk.

WooHoo! You're all set up!

If you have any questions or suggestions for us, please use the chat below or email us at hello@limberlife.co