The best posture is

The next posture.

Get moving at work with a Limber Desk.


Meet the world's healthiest desk

Reduce back and neck pain, increase productivity by up to 46%, and improve health by moving much more at a Limber Desk, the first floor to standing desk in the world.

It’s been called “the world's healthiest desk” by industry-leading professors at UC Berkeley due to the increased range of motion, access to active resting postures, ease and speed of changing height, and integrated ergonomic features.

Made from sustainably forested wood, comes with a 10-year warranty, and shipping included.

Limber advantages

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Stay in Flow

Move so fast between positions you don’t even realise you changed. Feel less back & neck pain. Focus on your work, and that’s all.

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No more crook neck

Limber comes with height adjustable single and double screen mounts.

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Move, way more

Choose from a larger variety of positions with the only desk in the world that lets you stand, sit or kneel. More movement = less pain, more energy, more focus.

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Clean & minimal

The petal shape gives you all the functional and ergonomic space you need and fits nicely into the corner of a room. Plus, have all your cables managed out of sight.

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Take your desk with you

On wheels and effortless to move around the home or office. Built to fit through standard 800mm wide doorways.

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Do more than buy a desk

Buy impact. Limber is Aotearoa NZ Made from sustainably forested wood and a certified social enterprise.

What People Are Saying

I show everyone who comes over and tell them "this is the last desk I will ever buy!"

Timo Reitnauer - Entrepreneur

A year on and I've forgotten what stiffness from being in an office all day feels like

Kate Hall, Sustainability Adviser

I feel happier and there is literally nothing else I can put it down to

Chris Rowe, Engineer & business owner

Limber is the world's healthiest desk

Prof, Galen Cranz, UC Berkeley Architecture and Design

It's as good looking as it is good for you

Ben Gleisner, CoGo CEO and Founder

I am genuinely happy with this purchase, it's worth its weight in gold! Quite incredibly, it also smells delicious.

Lucy Revill, Author & Blogger

Choose your Limber shape

The Petal

The Limber Petal is the original Limber shape. Perfect for people with a digital workflow and fits snug in the corner of a room.

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The Linear

The Limber Linear has a traditional rectangle shape. Perfect for those who need a bit more space.

Double monitor mounts

Double Monitor Arms

All Petal / Linears come with height adjustable single & double monitor arms included (for monitors up to 25 inches).

For double 26-28 inch monitors see our XL Monitor Wings.

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