Limber Linear Desk + Posture Course

Designed by a physiotherapist, the Limber Linear Desk + Posture Course has been recognised as "the world's healthiest desk" by academics at UC Berkeley.

This desk comes with a physio led posture course to help you avoid neck and back pain and lets you enjoy increased range of motion, access to active resting postures, easy and fast height adjustments, and ergonomic features—all made in New Zealand with sustainably forested wood.  You also get a cute bird headphone hanger included for free as well.

The Limber Linear has the traditional rectangle desktop surface that is 1200mm wide by 745mm deep. 

With Integrated Power + Cabling $129 (save $21): No
With Stool $149 (save $50): No
Sale price$2,899.00

The best posture is the next posture.

Scroll on to see the top reasons people love Limber desks, read reviews and see FAQ's. Or head to the bottom to find the details like size, speed and sustainability. 

Limber Advantages

Brain icon

Stay in flow

Move so fast between positions you don’t even realise you changed. Feel less back & neck pain. Focus on your work, and that’s all.

Neck icon

No more crook neck

Your Limber desk comes with height adjustable single and double screen mounts included in the purchase.

Movement icon

Move way more

Choose from a larger variety of positions with the only desk in the world that lets you stand, sit or kneel. More movement = less pain, more energy, more focus.

Beautiful & bountiful

Both the Petal & Linear desktop shapes provide all the workspace you need with all the cables disappeared out of sight, like magic.

wheel icon

Take your desk with you

On wheels and effortless to move around the home or office. Built to fit through standard 800mm wide doorways.

New Zealand Made Logo

Do more than buy a desk...

Buy impact. Limber is Aotearoa NZ Made from sustainably forested wood and a certified social enterprise.


Double monitor mounts

Double monitor arms included

All Petal / Linear desks come with height adjustable single & double monitor arms included (for monitors up to 25 inches).

For double 26-28 inch monitors see our XL Monitor Wings.

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Shahne Rodgers (Wellington, NZ)
Normal desks are ruined

I've had my Limber for four months now and I really love it. I love being able to sit on the floor, kneel and stand up, and I love being able to move it into (or very occasionally out of) the sun. I wasn't expecting the wheels to be as useful as they are!

If you're looking at this review, you probably have a good understanding of the upsides already and are trying to decide if it's worth the cost, so I'll focus on the downsides.
- The most surprising is that it makes a bit of noise from the wood expanding/contracting. It's not too bad - it hasn't interrupted meetings or anything, and seems to mostly happen in summer evenings when I have it in direct sunlight all day so YMMV.
- I've somehow scratched the desk so now I'm a bit paranoid about having anything too solid on it.
- I wish there was a gap under the base so I could sit with my legs fully straight forwards.
- I still need a normal chair for when it's disruptive to be moving around too much (eg long meetings or playing video games), or when I'm sick. But since I don't need it much, I didn't need to buy an expensive ergonomic chair.
- I found it took a bit to get used to moving the desk down. Mostly it's fine now, but I still sometimes struggle a bit.

One other thing to note (I can't tell if it's a pro or a con though!), is that the supplied weights are about right for a laptop and two monitors; if you don't keep your desk tidy, it gets hard to lift (and if you only have one monitor, you'll want to remove some weight, otherwise it is too hard to move down).

Overall, I love my desk and hate having to go back to "normal" desks, so I'd recommend getting one if you're the sort of person who wants to be able to sit on the floor and stand up while working.

In terms of the extra additions:
* I really like the stool, but probably use it too much to sit still.
* The headphone hanger is cute but feels like it's missing something - I keep knocking it off the desk when I'm moving from sitting to standing or vice versa.
* The built-in powerbank is brilliant.
* The posture course is probably worth it for people who don't already stretch, but if you've done splits training in the past, it's not really worth the money imo. There were a couple of interesting challenges suggested though that I hadn't come across before.

E Jessop (Wellington, NZ)
Money well spent

I must admit I was hesitant to spend so much on desk. But I am so impressed with the design and quality of it, it is money well spent. Even my husband was impressed (not easily done with anything of a design nature!) The video instructions for assembly were professional, clear and logical - and very kiwi in its friendly nature. The posture course is also good, and I'd have no hesitation asking any questions. If you do buy a limber desk - its worth considering the built in extension lead - its made to fit the design of the desk and I think you'd struggle to fit an alternate extension board in there. Also, the box that is delivered is large and heavy. We have 104 steps to our property so we opened the box and carried it down in parts.

puck murphy (Auckland, NZ)
Good one !

Cheers :)