Does Limber allow for double monitors?

Yes. All Limbers come with height adjustable single and double monitor mounts, included. This ensures you can have your monitors at the right height for your beautiful and remarkable body. For more information on choosing a screen, read this article.

What is the "integrated Cabling"?

Integrated cabling is the commercial grade power multibox, bracket (specific to fit into your Limber) and 3m starter lead with surge protection. This provides the best/ultimate experience and ensures your workspace is up to commercial soft wiring legislation. We pass this on at cost price!

What are the dimensions of the Petal and Linear Limbers?

The Petal has a footprint of .6msq and the Linear 0.89msq. Both Limbers are 1200mm across the front edge (petal slightly narrower at 1186mm) and 745mm deep. The Limber Petal tapers inwards towards the back to give it that unique shape and reduced the footprint. Desktop lowest height 30cm, highest height 130cm. Monitor mount can mount upt to 57.5cm above the desktop.

How do Limber Linear and Petal move so quickly?

Limber desks move quickly because of thier timeless counterweight technology. We looked into electronics and gas struts, nothing but the timeless counterweighted pulley system could provide the range and speed of motion we needed to ensure you would actually move more each day.

Why is speed of movement important?

We know that on electric desks most people use them for the first 3 weeks, then they stay at a single height and don't get moved. From our research this happens because it takes anywhere from 10-20 seconds to change height. Too long when you are working and in flow states. You need to move fast and easily so you don't need to think about it, make it second nature. Limber does this.

Is Limber easy to assemble?

“I usually suck at this stuff. Limber made assembly fun (actually!) and I was able to do it with no stress.” - Elizabeth

Your Limber comes with an easy to follow assembly video package where together with Limber founder and Physiotherapist, Bart de Vries, you will put together your very own Limber. Through the process you have breaks for a little Wellington Chocolate Factory chocolate (if you’re going to eat it, make it the best). The whole process only takes 30-50 minutes. Everything you need comes in the box, no tools required.

What kind of screen should I get for my Limber?

Have a look at this article for a deeper look at screens. When choosing a screen or monitor the only 2 things that are really important are that it has a VESA mount (75x75mm or 100x100mm) and the way the power and hdmi enter or plug into the screen. You want the power plug and HDMI to plug in upwards or from the side, as opposed to directly backwards (there’s no room to go directly backwards) for a single monitor mount. 27” 4K monitors are also our suggested option. 4K means it’s very clear and easier on your eyes and the screen realestate of a 27” means you can have two browsers or documents open side by side easily. Essentially the same as two monitors, except more ergonimic with everything right in front of you.

What makes Limber so special?

Limber is a premium, fully dynamic, adaptable and ergonomic personal workspace system (much more than a desk), named the healthiest desk in the world by Professors at UC Berkeley. We do not cut corners to save money, we build for quality, longevity and pride. Limber is the only personal workspace globally that allows full and fast movement from standing, sitting in a chair to kneeling or sitting on the floor (this is why it is being researched by the ivy league UC Berkeley). Limber is a highly technical and beautifully designed personal workspace system, made to last from premium, sustainably forested Birch wood. We endeavour to uphold the purest of sustainability standards as a beacon to the future of what all business could be. We make Limber here in New Zealand and support our local communities.

Who designed Limber?

Limber has been designed through a collaboration of founder and Physiotherapist Bart de Vries, engineers, designers and users. We used co-design throughout the process, working with teams at Xero, TradeMe and Dev Academy to build something specifically for modern work requirements and that actually helps people move more.

How sustainable is Limber?

Limber is a certified Akina Social Enterprise and we love working to be as sustainable as possible. Our Birch wood is sustainably forested under the strictest of standards. Our design is built to last and easy to fix should anything in the unlikely circumstance ever fail. Plus ultimately, Limber is crafted to improve your health and performance. To learn more about this, see here.

I'm not in New Zealand. Do you ship internationally?

We sure do! Use the contact form below to let us know your shipping address and we will organise a quote from our shipping partner to get your very own Limber to you!

How long is the delivery time?

Due to high demand over the past month we have a ~3 week waitlist. Ordered today, your Limber will be shipped in 3-4 weeks, but we will keep you updated as we look to increase our capacity.

Got more questions?

Email us at hello@limberlife.co