UC Berkeley Professors call Limber "the world's healthiest desks"

  1. Founded by a physiotherapist, Limber desks let you move way more, because Limbers move way more and remove barriers to movement. Go from 2 postural options to 10+ with the first floor to standing desk in the world.
  2. You don't need to sacrifice your work to "be healthy". Limber desks move 10x faster than electric so you don’t need to break focus to move.
  3. No more crook neck because Limber desks are made to fit your unique body.

Increase energy & reduce pain. Focus on the work.

Start moving more at work with what UC Berkeley professors have called "the world's healthiest desks". Founded by a physiotherapist, Limber is on a mission to remove back pain from the office. Which is why with Limber you get a desk + knowledge package that helps you create a fundamentally healthier, more dynamic, pain free way to work.

The best posture is the next posture.
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Physio Behind Limber

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