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Increase energy & reduce pain

Start moving more at work with what UC Berkeley professors call "the world's healthiest desks". Founded by a physiotherapist, Limber desks are the first floor to standing desk in the world and come with a knowledge package that makes movement easier, so you can create a healthier, pain free way to work.

Limber Advantages

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Move, way more

Reduce back and neck pain by choosing from a larger variety of positions and moving more at work. More movement = less pain, more energy, more focus.

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Stay in flow

Don't interrupt your work to move. Move so fast between positions you don’t even realise you changed. Movement becomes natural, not a chore that requires a 'healthy decision'.

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No more crook neck

Limber Desks allow you to adjust your screen to the perfect height for you.


UC Berkeley Professors call Limber "the world's healthiest desks"

  1. More movement. The first floor to standing desk in the world and founded by a physiotherapist, Limber desks give you 10+ postural options (rather than 2) and remove barriers to movement.
  2. 10x faster. You don't need to sacrifice your work to "be healthy". Limber desks move 10x faster than electric so you don’t need to break focus to move.
  3. Full ergonomics by default. No more crook neck (or back) because Limber desks adjust to fit your unique body perfectly and make it easy to move.
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