Limber Stool

Designed by a physiotherapist, the Limber Stool is an ergonomically crafted floor-sitting stool that provides exceptional comfort. Made in New Zealand and with three adjustable heights make it suitable for all body types. Plus, sustainably sourced materials, lifetime warranty and 100 day free return comfort trial give you peace of mind knowing that you're making a positive environmental impact.

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Make the floor comfortable

The Limber Stool makes floor postures more comfortable by taking pressure off your back, hips, knees & ankles. Perfect if you have tight hips and currently find floor postures difficult.

  1. Three height levels to suit your flexibility.
  2. Ergonomic tilt to reduce tension in your low back.
  3. Increased stability with rock forwards but not back design.

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Customer Reviews

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Hamid Ressang (Rotterdam, NL)

I am very happy with the stool. I use it to meditate each morning (lowest level) Rest of the day I use it behind my desk (working from the floor) and then I use the highest level. Beautiful design. My girlfriend fabricated a cushion for it. Very happy

Mike Baker (Gisborne, NZ)
Meditation on the Move

Kia ora, I am a Taijiquan teacher of some 38 years and as such, I practice Taiij (Tai Chi) as a martial art and as moving meditation. I wanted a meditation stool that I could travel with for those times when I wish to be seated to meditate and this stool is beautiful simplicity itself. I am also a woodworker so appreciate wood in all contexts. Love the aesthetic of the design; the way the pieces articulate; the size; the packing down for travel - awesome work, thank you!

Customer (Auckland, NZ)

Best meditation stool ever?