Limber Stool

Stool Warranty

Our Promise

Test the Limber stool for 30 days. If it doesn't give you more comfort in ground postures return it for free and a full refund. If it is defective at at any point in its life, we'll repair it, replace it or replace it.

Lifetime Warranty

The Limber Stool is guaranteed to be free from any defect in materials and workmanship for the natural life of the product from the date of purchase. Our lifetime warranty applies when the Limber Stool is used for the purpose intended, under normal indoor conditions, and does not apply to damage caused due to misuse, abuse, accidents, neglect, outdoor use and wear and tear that can be reasonably expected as a result of extended use over time.

To allow for learning and improvement, we may request the stool be returned for further testing or for you to provide photographs of the parts failure prior to your warranty claim being finalised.


Something many people never realise is that the term “Lifetime” refers to the reasonable lifetime of the product. This does not mean your lifetime but rather the lifetime of the materials and components that go into the finished product. We select high quality materials and components that meet our quality standards, but even the best materials have a lifespan and will eventually degrade. The stool for example is made from sustainably forested birch plywood. An incredibly hard and strong structure that has an extra tough finish to it. We have made the stools to be an heirloom, lasting for multiple generations, but we will evaluate a product’s lifetime by its intended use and how much use it gets, and not by how old it is. It is very unlikely we won’t repair or replace your stool if you ever have an issue.

Wear and Tear

Nothing lasts forever even though we wish it could! Products used consistently in certain conditions and exposed to the elements can show wear and tear faster than those used less frequently, and it could be that your product has simply reached the end of its practical lifetime. But, we wouldn’t expect this to happen for years.

How to submit a warranty claim

STEP ONE: Please check your claim is valid;

Does the damage appear to be attributable to defective materials or workmanship?

Does the damage appear to be due to impact, abuse, negligence, or reactions to heat, solvents, or harsh detergents?

STEP TWO: For Limber Stools purchased from our store please email at with;

Please tell us what you are sending back. (Describe the product.)

Tell us why you are sending it back. (Describe the problem.)

Provide a copy of your receipt

Relevant photos and videos showing the defect clearly.

STEP THREE: We will get back in touch and if the product needs repairing or replacing we will ask you to send it to us. You are responsible for shipping charges to Limber.

Overnight and 2-Day shipments to Limber will be returned in the same manner at our expense.

If a product comes back to us, we first aim to repair it. However, if that’s not possible, your product will be replaced, and it will be recycled or discarded immediately. If the product is replaced, we do work to keep as much material out of the landfill as possible. We are continuously searching for solutions to keep products in use longer, to give materials a second life, and to ultimately recycle those materials into a new life. Please let us know when creating your claim if you would prefer your product to be returned to you instead of replaced and recycled. The warranty remains valid on repaired and replaced items.

If the problem is not covered under warranty nor repairable, the product will be returned as is.