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Limber Home Ergonomics Certification

Led by Physiotherapist Bart de Vries, provide your computer based people with the knowledge and tools they need to be their own ergonomist.

Support them to be safe, healthy and focussed, no matter where they work by giving them the skills to know what’s right and what’s wrong, for their body.

Organisers will receive:
1. A board statement on what the certification process was and what it covered
2. A list of people in the business who are Limber Level 1 Home Ergonomics Certified
3. A back beliefs score
4. A home workspace basic checklist to give to new staff

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Create an office with unrestrained performance.

Strengthen your teams backs to reduce back pain with more movement and increase space efficiency with the world's healthiest desks.

Join companies like Meta, Xero, Silverfern Farms, Hummingly, Mevo, Ekos and more as they prioritise health and efficiency with Limber.

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