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Join Our Next On-boarding Event 1 April | 2-4pm | Wellington

Come to our next on-boarding event (RSVP here) where;

  1. You will meet the founder and physio behind Limber (Bart de Vries)
  2. Bart will talk you through the reason Limber came to be and the mission to halve back pain disability by 2050.
  3. Get to see and play with the world's healthiest desks
  4. Understand how the commision process works and get set-up
  5. Q & A with Bart

Can't make the Wellington event? Register your interest >>HERE<< for an online on-boaording event.

The 3 benefits of becoming a Limber affiliate and joining the mission to beat back pain.

Founded by a physio, Limber are makers of "the world's healthiest desks" and on a mission to halve back pain disability by 2050. See the three benefits of becoming a Limber affiliate and register below.

1. Transform a clients life beyond the session.

Unlock greater health outcomes and build deeper relationships with clients by supporting them to move more during their 40+ hours at work each week with Limber desks, courses and back pain educational resources.

2. Earn a healthy 15% commission on sales

Making a sustainable income from teaching movement is challenging. Earn a healthy 15% commission on sales (that's $450 when a clients buys a Limber Linear) and get specials for yourself.

3. Align with a sustainable, ethical, local Wellington brand.

Limber desks are made to last from sustainably forested birch wood. They are made in New Zealand (Wellington) and come with lifetime guarantees, free shipping and long trial periods.


I'm interested but can't make the in person event. What now?

Register your interest >>HERE<< for our online on-boarding session.

About Limber

Founded by Physiotherapist Bart de Vries in 2017, Limber is based in Wellington, New Zealand, where our products are made.

We spent 5 years developing our first desks and are up to our 26th version of the Petal and Linear desks. Over the first lock down helping people set up their home workspaces, we designed the Mini Dynamic Desk and then last year launched our 'working from the floor course' and partnered with Hawkes Bay matt and cushion company Tribe to create the ultimate floor to standing workspace environments.

Limber products are now available throughout New Zealand and Australia.

Why back pain?

Back pain is the #1 cause of disability globally and it doesn't need to be.

8 out of 10 people experience back pain during their lifetime. Our first goal is to halve back pain disability by 2050 through creating a way of living and working where movement happens without conscious effort and people have the skills to prevent and minimise pain when it arrives.

  • Products that liberate movement
  • Habits that prevent back pain
  • Knowledge that improves recovery and
  • A new way of living, the Limber Life

We have started by creating what UC Berkeley professors are calling "the world's healthiest desks", bringing movement to a whole new level to the space we spend the most time, work. We have created courses to give people confidence in floor postures, plus a resource centre to help people with back pain.

What are the perks for me?

As a Limber affiliate not only will you get access to discounts on products for yourself but you will join a community on a mission to beat back pain. You will be provided back pain research and evidence based resources that can support your practice and clients, plus have access to private back pain educational workshops with Limber founder and physiotherapist Bart de Vries.

Meet the

Physio Behind Limber