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Working from the floor is the new frontier of ergonomics, health and performance at work. In this course we teach you how to harness it.

Dynamic Workspaces

Movement Rich

The floor is the most movement rich environment we can work from. Turning the workday from something that harms our body into something that helps us improve our health, mobility and performance.

What can you expect?

By the end for this course you will:

➡ Understand how to use the floor to bring more movement into your day at work

➡ Understand what Active Resting postures are and how to use them safely

➡ Be able to adapt an Active Resting Posture to make it more or less challenging based on your ability

➡ Learn the benefits of each Active Resting Floor Posture

➡ Learn one movement that can halve your chances of getting back pain

Meet your instructor

Bart De Vries

Physiotherapist, Edmund Hillary Fellow and ergonomics pioneer. Bart's knowledge of ergonomics, human health and workspace design lead him to create what UC Berkeley professors call the world's healthiest desks. His work is inspiring a new frontier of research in ergonomics and ways of working to improve people's health, productivity and reduce back pain (currently the #1 cause of lost workplace productivity).

How it works

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Watch, test & do

The first four videos give you the knowledge, skills and confidence to work from and progress in any Active Resting Posture.

Dive into the library

Learn the details of all Active Resting Postures and how to begin moving between them and start sequencing them.