Take The Pressure Off

The Limber Stool makes floor postures comfortable by taking pressure off of your knees, ankles and removing tension from your lower back.

Sustainably New Zealand made, comes with a lifetime warranty and 30 day comfort test with no questions asked, free return and full refund.


1. Three height levels to take pressure off knees and ankles and adapt with you over time.
2. Ergonomic tilt to rid tension from lower back.
3. Increased stability with rock forwards but not back design.
4. Easy and fast to assemble with smart pin locking design.
5. Beautiful sustainably forested birch ply, a hard wood to ensure longevity.

I really love my limber stool!

I no longer get pins and needles from sitting cross legged meditating or pain from kneeling because the stool supports my weight.

- Yewi

My constant companion.

Ah the stool. My constant companion. Working using the stool on the floor helps my thought patterns and ability to concentrate. I love it and miss it when it’s not there.

- Kate Hall, Sustainability Advisor


What is the gaurantee?

We crafted the Limber stool with care and thoughtfulness and have backed it with a lifetime guarantee. Why? We know it does what is promised and is beautifully made to last from premium sustainably forested birch ply.

The 30 day Limber Comfort Test. If you don't feel more comfortable in floor postures using the Limber stool or for any reason are unhappy with your Limber Stool, return it for free and a full refund.

Limber Lifetime Warranty: If your Limber stool is defective at any point in its life, we'll repair it, replace it or refund it.

*30 day comfort test + free return. No questions asked. No risk.

How much weight can the Limber Stool handle?

The Limber stool can take up to 150kg.

What are the dimensions of the Limber Stool?

The seating area is 515mm wide and 160mm deep. The highest seat setting is 250mm high and the lowest is 170mm high.

How easy is it to assemble?

Really easy. The Limber stool takes less than a minute to assemble and requires no tools, equipment or special skills.

How sustainable is the Limber Stool?

Limber is a certified Akina Social Enterprise. Our premium Birch wood is sustainably forested under the strictest of standards. Our design is built to last and easy to fix should anything, in the unlikely circumstance, ever fail. Plus ultimately, Limber is crafted to improve your health and performance. To learn more about this, see here.

How long until I get my Limber Stool after ordering?

Your Limber Stool will be shipped the same or next business day of your order.

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