The Limber desks have been called the "World's Healthiest Desks" by professor Galen Kranz from the University of Berkeley in California.

Why were they called that?

Limber Desks allow for the largest range of motion of any desk in the world. They go from standing to any height all the way down to the ground and back up.

The second thing that's really important about moving desks and variable height desks is that they can move quickly because there's some research that shows that the speed of movement affects how often people actually move.

So a crank desk, for instance, 95% of people who have those don't change height enough because it takes over a minute to sit there and crank it up while you change the height. Even electric desks, 80% of people don't change the height on those things even though it's just pushing a button. So, that 10 to 20 seconds to change height gets us out of a flow state when we're working.

The Limber Desks are counterweighted, which means they can move super quickly, and it takes a second or two to change height. The desktop will be where you want it before you can even be there, so it doesn't interrupt your flow as much.

The third reason is that Limber Desks are the only desks that allow you to be on the floor, and the floor is where we have active resting postures. These postures increase muscle activity in our legs and blood flow to our brain, which means that we can focus more and be more productive when working.

Fourth thing is, all of the ergonomic features you hear about in desks, so your screen placement and where your keyboard is, are adaptable and come built into the desk. They're not extra purchases or other things that you need to make. We wanted to create one thing that would be shipped to you, and you'd have all of the features you need to set your screen up at the right height, have your keyboards at the right height, and do the double monitor thing if you want to.

As well as all that they just look beautiful and are made sustainably. That's really important as well, because our health is only as good as the environments that we live in. So, if we built products from things that aren't looking after the environment, we wouldn't actually be doing ourselves a service if we look long-term. So, the health of the desk relates to the sustainable factors going to the manufacturing of it as well.

There you have it, we've got all of the reasons that our desk has been called the "World's Healthiest Desk". It's got the full range of motion, the speed of changing heights, it's got the fact that you can work from it from the floor, all of your ergonomics and monitor heights to fit your body perfectly, and it's built sustainably from sustainably forested woods.